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Elona Pojani

Dr. Elona Pojani is a lecturer at the University of Tirana since 2008. She has participated in 4 international projects under the Tempus and Erasmus + Programs, where she has served as a contact person in two of them. The most important experience in this regard has been the successful coordination of the Project "Knowledge for a resilient society". Within this project, the Master of Science in "Risk Management" was established, the first in Albania with this orientation. The master has an interdisciplinary nature and summarizes knowledge from the disciplines of financial risk management, enterprise risk management and disaster risk management. Especially the last discipline is the most important innovation brought by the master, as the first program of studies in higher education in Albania that offers knowledge about this field. Further, through the Erasmus + program, she participated in teaching exchanges in Germany and Serbia, where he gave lectures: "Financial Strategies for Disaster Risk Management", "Education and Disaster Risk Management", "Disasters and Development "," Environmental Management in Albania "and" Tourism Development in Albania ". Has extensive experience in the field of environmental management. Since 2010, has participated in several international projects coordinated by the UNDP Climate Change Program. She has been part of the team of authors of the Third National Communication of Albania with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and is currently working on the Fourth Communication together with a wide team of experts. She has been further engaged in short consultancy contracts with UNDP and other NGOs, in the service of the field of management and of environmental financing. She possess skills and experience of a technical nature related to environmental management issues.

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