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Rezarta Shkurti (Perri)

Rezarta Shkurti (Perri), is an full time lecturer in the Accounting Department at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tirana. Rezarta graduated in 2000 in the Department of Finance and Accounting at the University of Tirana and in January 2004 she completed her postgraduate studies. In 2008 he received the degree of Doctor of Science in Economics from the Faculty of Economics, UT and in 2012 he received the academic title of Associate Professor. She has numerous publications and contributions through references in national and international scientific conferences as well as through publications in internationally recognized scientific journals with impact factor such as JISOM, JOPAFL, CEA Journal of Economics, REJ and SBE. Since December 2011 she is a member of the Advisory Board of the Scientific Journal AFHRJ published by MODAV in Turkey. She is a co-author of university textbooks Analysis of Financial Statements and Management Accounting, as well as the author of a series of lectures in the subject of Information Systems in Accounting. She has contributed as a member of KAB in the Ministry of Finance as well as she has served as a consultatnt in various Albanian companies and companies.

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