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    This course covers the macroeconomic risk associated with natural catastrophes, which can result in the destruction of tangible assets, disruption of corporate operations, and other macroeconomic effects including GDP growth and inflation. A thorough disaster risk management plan consists of several parts, including preparedness and response system management, risk identification and modeling, mitigation policies, and post-disaster reconstruction strategies and plans. Financial strategy is just one of these components. This webinar also addresses the market risk transfer – insurance; cat bonds and weather derivatives, and non-market risk transfer as government and donor assistance, national and regional insurance programs. Lastly, the webinar demonstrates how the need for new policies and strategies in response to climate change is making climate finance an even significant issue.


    1.     Webinar 8 - Financial resilience and sustainability (kohezgjatja 22:57)

    2.     Policy Brief - Generating Finance for Blue Economy Transition