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    The relevance of marketing and branding strategy for the expansion of the Adriatic Blue Economy is particularly covered in this course, as it fosters innovation and growth while attracting new investors and clients. As a result, this course also covers the specific methods for creating a branding and marketing plan for the growth of blue economy sectors, with an emphasis on social media. These include determining the target market, creating a compelling brand, and creating engaging content for the target audience. In order to structure such a plan in the Adriatic region, the course concludes with instructive examples and a practical exercise.


    1.     Webinar 9: Marketing and Branding Strategies for Blue Economy growth in the Adriatic Region – Social Media Marketing (kohezgjatja 34:00)

    2.     Introduction of Blue Energy in the Mediterranean: The Conceptualization of the Sea as “Space” and Emerging Opportunities for Greece and Mediterranean Countries – Angeliki Fotiadou