Topic outline

  • Webinar 1 - Workshop information

    Workshop Goals

    The blue economy in Albania has great potential for development. The Albanian coast offers important opportunities for the transport of goods and / or passengers. The region attracts a large number of tourists making tourism a y sector in the economic development of the country. Furthermore, the area is also a rich fishing ground and contains biodiversity hotspots, with many marine protected areas.

    Climate change, population growth and aging, and migration are among the major economic and social challenges further reinforced by the phenomenon of globalization. The focus of national policies and strategies developed in the last decade has been to promote sustainable development in the respective sectors, including the blue economy sectors. Promoting sustainable blue development to preserve ecosystems and biodiversity while enhancing the sector growth is an important objective that requires a good understanding of the links between the economy, the environment and society and the potential generated by this link.

    This Workshop aims at the theoretical treatment and practical application of concepts related to sustainable development with the blue economy, addressing in particular the challenges and opportunities of the sector. The combination of theoretical and practical sections will serve to the achievement of this goal and will provide a pleasant experience for the participants.

    Workshop content

    The workshop will take place over a period of 3 days. The content of the workshop will combine theory with practical sections, where participants will be encouraged to collaborate and offer their inputs in the form of presentations, case studies, experiences, and experiences. Several sections of the workshop will aim to provide participants with practical knowledge on how to manage their business and its financing, to enhance and exploit all existing market opportunities that reinforce the potential of businesses.

    In total, the workshop will offer:

    -        10 theoretical sections accompanied by 10 webinars

    -        Written and audiovisual materials in the form of slides, videos, and recommended literature

    -        1 booklet produced after the development of the workshop which will contain summaries of theoretical discussions and cases and examples treated during the days of the workshop

    Participants in this Workshop will have the opportunity to benefit from the experience of our lecturers to understand in more detail the characteristics, opportunities, and challenges of the sector where they operate. Participation in the training will enable participants at:

    -        Completing their theoretical knowledge on the components of the blue economy and the relationship between the blue economy, environmental values, and sustainable development, which will create for participants a better worldview of their work and of the opportunities arising from the sector, using the concepts of the circular economy.

    -        Getting acquainted with the best opportunities for financing their business using existing financing schemes, information technology and other opportunities to achieve sustainable financing.

    -        Getting acquainted with the best opportunities for promoting their business using digital marketing concepts.

    -        Creating skills and knowledge to recover from crises of various natures, with a special focus on the Covid-19 crisis.

    -        Completing their knowledge of the ways of managing their business, with special focus on financial management.

    -        Working with other stakeholders to strengthen communication and network within the sector.

    The different backgrounds of participants, organizers and trainers will contribute to the implementation of the Quadruple Helix model, ensuring the collaboration and exchange of knowledge and experiences between members of business, academia, civil society and government.